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Displays SharePoint user profiles; highly customizable.
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May 12, 2013

About SharePoint People User Profiles Web Part

The ultimate SharePoint User Profiles Web Part:

PeopleZen 1.5Create staff directories, team birthday calendars or other user profile listings effortlessly, with sorting, paging, filtering and view styles already built in.Some highlights of this versatile User Profiles List View Web Part for SharePoint:Display the user picture and name as well as any other user profile properties that you specifyFilter: specify date- and interval-based filter criteria to show for example "birthdays during the next n days" or for example "newly hired collegues of the last n weeks" -- or filter by any other set of criteria, using a connected filter provider Web Part of your choice!Paging: display profiles in batches of any size that you specifySorting: display user profiles ordered ascending or descending by any user profile propertyStyle: via the web part settings, you can completely customize the appearance of the user profiles being displayedList and link to any set of user profiles with the ROXORITY PeopleZen User Profiles List View Web Part for SharePoint, in any way you wish: it's utterly customizable.Ever wanted to create a SharePoint Web Part listing some specific set of User Profiles, with avatar pictures or photos, linking to user profiles or including profile properties of your choice?Out of the box, SharePoint simply does not offer this capability. Whether you want to set up a Team Members Web Part, a Department Colleagues Web Part, an Upcoming Birthdays Web Part, a New Employees Web Part or some other kind of User Profiles List View Web Part, up to now your choices were limited to custom coding or possibly (given infinite time, patience and resources) manually populating some customized SharePoint Content Editor Web Part with the appropriate User Profile links, pictures and properties.

Changes in this version:

Added: product configuration settings for controlling links to user profiles Added: support for URL parameters optionally overriding Web Part settings Added: product documentation Fixed: the "Could not find a part of the path '12templateimagespeoplecachepeoplecache.xml'" error message

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